Pentalpha #194 History

On July 7, 1893, a group of Masonic brethren assembled in Norman Hall (located above the John A Belt store) to organize a lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons in Gaithersburg. Lynch Lodge #163 A.F. & A.M. of Frederick, Maryland, fostered this action.

On July 27, 1893, the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Maryland, Brother Thomas J. Shyrock, granted a dispensation and Pentalpha Lodge was instituted. On November 22, 1893, at 10:00 a.m., a charter was granted by the Grand Lodge and Pentalpha Lodge was legally constituted.

Pentalpha’s first elected officers were Brothers Robert M. Moore, Worshipful Master; E.D. Kinsley, Senior Warden; John A. Belt, Junior Warden; P.M. Smith, Secretary; and H.B. Cramer, Treasurer.

The first meeting took place in a rented hall over the harness shop belonging to J.H. Nicholls.  On December 22, 1899, the cornerstone was laid for a new Masonic Temple on Russell Avenue. The building was built by Delta Lodge of Perfection, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. Pentalpha remianed in this building until late 1972, when the building was condemned and the Lodge was forced to move. The Temple on Russell Avenue was razed in 1976.

For the next fourteen years, the Lodge held meetings at various locations, including the Knights of Pythias Hall on Game Preserve Road, Darnestown Presbyterian Church and Epworth Methodist Church. In 1983, the house and land on old Route 118 (now Boland Farm Road) were purchased and meetings were held in the two-car garage better known as the “cozy lodge”.

In December 1992, Pentalpha held its first meeting in their new Lodge Room.  During the first 100 years, other Masonic orders have made Pentalpha Masonic Center their home, including the Order of the Eastern Star (1920), The International Order of Jobs Daughters (1946), and the International Order of Rainbow for Girls (1992).

Pentalpha Lodge is one of five Lodges in Montgomery County that are under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Maryland, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.  The other four Lodges are Montgomery-Cornerstone Lodge #195 in Rockville; Kensington-Bethesda Lodge #198 in Kensington; Silver Spring Lodge #215 in Silver Spring; and Wheaton Lodge #228 in Wheaton.

Past Masters of Pentalpha Lodge #194

1893-95 Robert M. Moore
1955 Raymond M. Housley
1896 E.D. Kingsley 1956 Rowe E. Christopher
1897 John A. Belt 1957 William M. Christie
1898 James B. Adams 1958 Robert E. Rhoades
1899 John M. McCormick 1959 Ralph M. Sangrey
1900 Thomas O. White 1960-61 Charles W. Cuffley
1901 James Rourke 1962 C. William Nicol
1902 Benjamin O. Woodward 1963 Edward W. Talley
1903 Harry B. Cramer 1964 Harry E. Baker, Jr.
1904 James B. Adams 1965 Thomas A. Hallack, Jr.
1905 I.G. Warfield 1966 Thomas A. Hallack, Sr.
1906 Thomas I. Fulks 1967 Glenn E. Gilliam
1907-08 Alex G. Carlisle 1968 Ellwood B. Fraley
1909 R.B. Moore 1969 Bruce E. Kosian
1910 F.H. Grimm 1970 Thomas W. Phoebus
1911 Hanson G. Cashell 1971 James R. Park
1912 Bates Etchison 1972 Walter D. Hoffman, Jr.
1913 David R. Hershey 1973 Walter L. Hagen
1914 R.N. Walker 1974 Grant L. Hagen
1915 M.W. Brewer 1975 Sidney A. Katz
1916 Charles E. Becraft
1976 Henry W. Setzer
1917 William A. Waters 1977 Allen J. Katz
1918 Harold B. Kingsley 1978 Edmund S. Copeland
1919 William A. Waters 1979 Robert D. McCutcheon, II
1920 Thomas W. Troxell 1980 James A. Rowley, Jr.
1921 C.E. Crawford 1981 Michael C. Shelton
1922 J. Herbert Becraft 1982 Quincy Ewing, III
1923 Raymond I. Ford 1983 Amos D. Faux-Burhans
1924 H.R. McCabe 1984 Royce A. Watson
1925 Norman B. Jacobs 1985 Jerome K. Bradford
1926 Merle T. Jacobs 1986 Bryan C. Troutman
1927 H. Garnett Briggs 1987 Amos D. Faux-Burhans
1928 J. Russell King 1988 Earl E. Wood
1929 R.C. Green 1989 William F. McFadden
1930 Ira Darby 1990  
1931 A.B. Roland 1991 Frederick G. Kleyn, III
1932 Clarence E. Becraft 1992 Don R. Lasher
1933 Roy L. Talbott 1993 William L. Coldiron
1934 Hanson G. Cashell 1994 Addison L. Caracciolo
1935-36 Walter F. Reinhart 1995 Charles I.S. Hahn
1937 William O. Young 1996 William J. Buie
1938 William H. White 1997 Wayne A. Hall
1939 Albert B. Easter 1998 Scott C. Hahn
1940 William J. Stup
1999 Glen L. Sunderland
1941 R.L. Thurston 2000
Charles I.S. Hahn
1942-43 Alfred Christie 2001 Brian S. Cheboski
1944 John E. Speich 2002 Jeffrey M. Coney
1945 William J. Stup 2003 Thomas E. Robinson
1946 Albert B. Easter 2004 Robert E. Case
1947 Donald A. Nutt 2005 Charles I. S. Hahn
Leslie B. Schmidl
2006 Jeffrey M. Coney
1949 Harvey S. Lyles 2007-08 Edward D. Johnson
1950 Ralph J. Hayward 2009-12 William S. Renner
1951 Clyde B. Stup 2013-14 Robert F. Reid
1952 Ernest B. Lipford 2015 Christopher Childers
1953 Louis D. Wynkoop 2016-2017 James Kinnear
1954 Robert L. Younkins 2017 – Charlton Howard